NYPD Retirement celebrations are our specialty!

Let us photograph your NYPD retirement celebration that closes the chapter in your life as one of New York's Finest.  

As a MOS of the New York City Police Department with over 25 years on the job. I truly understand the meaning of this day. No more Uf28, No more G.O.15, No more CCRB's, No more worries.

You have officially made it! So let my company capture every moment of your NYPD retirement party.

This is a once in life time event. The opportunity to say "Thank you" to your family and friends that help you make it.

Let us take care of you, so you will always have the images you deserve:

pictures of your guests
your NYPD retirement speech
your friends and family dancing the night away

We also provide a photo-booth to capture you with your friends and family. We print out gifts for you to provide to your guests as a NYPD retirement keepsake.

We will photograph your NYPD retirement party and make sure we take photos of you with your, family, and fellow NYPD colleagues.

Your NYPD Retirement Photo Package includes:

+ Large 13 x 11 Coffee table Photo book
+ 4x6 gift prints
+ 5x7 gift prints
+ 8x10 gift prints
+ 11x16 wall portrait 
+ Custom DVD photo slides show
+ On-site photo booth printing
+ Old Photo restoration services
+ 2 Photographers assigned

Congratulations and have a Happy NYPD Retirement!!

Free NYPD Retirement Photography Consultation

Call Today: 516-322-9000
E-mail: ray@martinez-photography.com


NYPD Retirement Photos

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