Ray Martinez Sweet 16 photographer

Ray Martinez Sweet 16 photographer

I thank god for all he has blessed me with, to be able to pursue such a great passion of mine. My first photographs were images of my family. These baby steps, introduced me to the business of photography. I began my journey with only a Nikon D7000 and kit lens. While shooting my family, I realized how beautiful the images were. Over time, I upgraded my lens, lights, printer, paper and camera body. This produced sharper images and magnificent color pigmentation. Next thing I knew, I was totally hooked. The photos I took brought great enjoyment to myself and most importantly to the people who were in them.

This resulted in the birth of Ray Martinez Photography, LLC. On my journey to the world of photography, I came to a realization. I was able to acknowledge my love for helping other families by capturing once in a lifetime images, similar to the ones I captured with my family.

Thus my business found its calling, Sweet 16 sixteen Celebrations. My mission is to be the best Sweet 16 sixteen photographer in the New York area. To accomplish this task, my focus will be strictly Sweet 16 Sixteens and documenting every moment of that special day.

 From the very first Sweet 16 sixteen I photographed in the year 2012. The experience was both exciting and scary. My clients name was Jasmine, with the trust bestowed on me by this young lady and her family to capture her event and all of its entirety, I made sure I wouldn't disappoint them. From that day going forward, with every event I have photographed , I put my heart and my all into what has become my profession, as well as my passion, photography.

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